Watch This If You Suck At Starcraft

If you haven’t watched the FXO_Leenock vs IM_Mvp games, watch it now. They were quite possibly some of the most ferocious and back and forth games in SC2 to date.

Game 2 was so back and forth it looked almost unwinnable for either player at various points in the game. But neither player backed down – they kept the pace up and they kept fighting. These players are among the top few that stand out from the rest of the pro scene not just because of apm/mechanics/decision making, but because they play a consistently high level game and make every unit count right until the very end. This is something you typically don’t see in many high level games, let alone ladder.

Mvp’s 3 marine push at 40 minutes into the game says it all, so just think about this next time you decide to GG prematurely.








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