IMMvp Wins WCG 2011 – Total Earnings Now At $251,590

Congratulations to MVP! As you can see on the sc2 earnings site, he is now the first SC2 player to make over $250k from tournament winnings alone.

Are we seeing the rise of an SC2 bonjwa? His tournament wins have so far seemed to suggest so, as he has triumphed all other SC2 player to date, with the exception of teammate NesTea who has similar, albeit slightly less earnings of $229k.

Speaking of WCG, a UK player by the name of BlinG also took a number of surprise wins against the likes of KiWiKaKi, ClouD and Strelok, eventually losing to the champion Mvp. While he didn’t win any money or place top 3, his results were impressive given his existing record, and considering the fact that the UK has hardly produced any real pros at all.

Mvp will now be off to play in the Blizzard Cup. Since he has already qualified for the tournament 3 times due to his GSL wins, MMA and Polt will also be joining him based on their 4th and 5th placed GSL rankings.







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