Sweet baby jebus, when I made my last post I didn’t expect the finals to be this awkward. However, so far this event hasn’t yet been a total fail.

Some suggestions:

1) You have casters like Day9 and DJWheat at your event. Let them cast. I understand you want to give Gretorp and Orb a chance to gain fans, but it’s a little too late for that. At least pair them up with a with a good caster, Gretorp + DJWheat, Orb + Day9, etc would be better than Gretorp + Orb.

2) FIX THE SOUND. It keeps crackling. Also, it’s embarrassing to hear the total audience count of 6 people cheering and your casters voice echo off the empty hall. At least if you put the sound on casters only we can pretend it’s a Day9 daily or something. Unless you can fill most of your seats don’t give us the crowd sound.

3) Is the camera guy on crack? Tell him to stop jerking the camera around when he’s filming the player interviews. I’m watching the Hero interview right now and the camera keeps shaking and zooming in and out, my arthritic grandma could do a better job.

Some praise:

You know what, a lot of people are complaining about the stream quality. I actually think the 360p quality is acceptable for a free stream and not too different from the MLG free streams. Sure, it’s not as good as DreamHack but then again DreamHack had some of the worst lag I’ve ever experienced with a free live stream (they did get it fixed eventually so well done to them). Also, thank Science you have a smooth stream, if there’s one thing that would put the nail in the coffin right now, it would be lag.

Edit: oh my lawd I just saw HuK walk down the red carpet, there’s literally no one there. Good thing they have the lights down lol



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2 responses to “NASL PLEASE READ”

  1. BazookaTooth Avatar

    The NASL has done nothing but crank out some of the most embarrassing SC2 content ever seen from a “professional” organization. I wish they’d just fail already and shut down. It sounds rough, but does anyone honestly think a potential sponsor will want in on the eSports movement after watching the NASL’s amateur hour? If this was their first time, I’d cut the NASL some slack but it’s the same problems from the last event.

  2. sc2 Avatar

    The NASL is a complete fucking joke, why even bother posting this? They’re too fucking stupid and stubborn to change.

    Joke tournament.

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