• Shoutcraft Invitational 4 now LIVE

    TotalBiscuit’s hugely popular Shoutcraft Invitational is now holding it’s 4th tournament. This tournament has a great lineup of players including Stephano, Nightend, Thorzain, Grubby, Socke, Ret, Cloud and Darkforce. Casted by TotalBiscuit (of course) and dApollo! For player brackets ad match results visit the official ShoutCraft website. You can also make donations to the players […]

  • Video Interview: Tasteless & Artosis Both Masters On Korean Server

    In a recent video interview with a Russian eSports website Tasteless and Artosis revealed they both play in the masters league on the Korean server, with Tasteless saying he’s ‘low-mid masters’ and Artosis saying he normally places in the top 5. Skip to 5:08 for their response. Special thanks to for doing this video […]

  • IMMvp Wins WCG 2011 – Total Earnings Now At $251,590

    Congratulations to MVP! As you can see on the sc2 earnings site, he is now the first SC2 player to make over $250k from tournament winnings alone. Are we seeing the rise of an SC2 bonjwa? His tournament wins have so far seemed to suggest so, as he has triumphed all other SC2 player to […]

  • ForGG shows why SC1 micro reigns supreme

    ForGG just destroyed JulyZerg in GSL Code A round of 24. The first game was a technical 3 reaper 1 hellion opening into 2 banshee build that was executed almost perfectly. The real highlight however was the amazing marine micro in game 2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such amazing micro by any other […]


    Sweet baby jebus, when I made my last post I didn’t expect the finals to be this awkward. However, so far this event hasn’t yet been a total fail. Some suggestions: 1) You have casters like Day9 and DJWheat at your event. Let them cast. I understand you want to give Gretorp and Orb a […]

  • John Gaudiosi U DA MAN (support this guy)

    Seriously who is this guy? He writes for Forbes and has been cranking out pro-esports articles for some time now: Sean “Day 9” Plott Forecasts Explosive Growth in Pro Gaming Why Major League Gaming Is Thriving While Pro Sports Are Struggling StarCraft II Pro Gamer Steven “Destiny” Bonnell Explains How TwitchTV Is Changing the Game […]

  • Let’s Give The NASL A Chance

    When you think of SC2 tournaments, NASL isn’t the first that comes to mind. Historically they haven’t enjoyed anywhere near the success of tournaments like the GSL, MLG, and DreamHack, and I doubt they ever will given the huge growth of these tournaments both in terms of viewership and funding (note that MLG has to […]

  • Apparently Players Give Casters S**t – Artosis’ Epic Rant

    Artosis went on a long rant about how some players disrespect and borderline abuse casters during events. His rant came just a few days after the DreamHack Winter 2011 event. Apparently there’s a history of players insulting casters and not cooperating during events, and Artosis thinks either it ends or offenders need to start getting […]

  • ‘U Mod Bro?’ The Hilarity That Is Catz + iNcontrol + CombatEX On Skype

    I recently discovered this gem posted on reddit. I think the highlight is Catz slowly losing his mind up until the point where he almost chokes on his Taco Bell. 3 things I learned from this video: 1. CombatEX has a manager 2. CombatEX is awkward (“my parents are dead, u mod bro?”) 3. CombatEX […]

  • Watch This If You Suck At Starcraft

    If you haven’t watched the FXO_Leenock vs IM_Mvp games, watch it now. They were quite possibly some of the most ferocious and back and forth games in SC2 to date. Game 2 was so back and forth it looked almost unwinnable for either player at various points in the game. But neither player backed down […]

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