Apparently Players Give Casters S**t – Artosis’ Epic Rant

Artosis went on a long rant about how some players disrespect and borderline abuse casters during events. His rant came just a few days after the DreamHack Winter 2011 event.

artosis ranting

Apparently there’s a history of players insulting casters and not cooperating during events, and Artosis thinks either it ends or offenders need to start getting banned from the events at which they happen at.

The drama continued when Huk and Artosis started responding to each other on twitter, before Huk took iNcontrol’s seat to continue the debate on State of the Game. If you were watching the stream at the time, the chat gave a collective ‘s**t just got real’ when Huk admitted he had BMed Tasteless (which he argued was in response to Tasteless BMing another player).

Watch the show below:



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